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Sigiriya Packages from...
Sri Lanka Packages from...
Colombo - Dambulla - Kandy - Sigiriya
5 Days / 4 Nights
Colombo - Dambulla - Kandy - Sigiriya
5 Days / 4 Nights

Sigiriya is situated in Matale District of Central Province of Sri Lanka. It was built under the aegis of King Kassapa I (AD 477 - 495). Sigiriya is located within the cultural triangle as an ancient rock fortress and palace. A number of attractive gardens, lakes and other structures are encircled within Sigiriya. It is one of the seven world heritage sites of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is among the best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Go through the following lines to check out information on the important tourist attractions of Sigriya. 

Tourist Attractions in Sigiriya

The Mirror Wall
The Mirror Wall is said to be built in 8th century. According to an ancient story, it was well polished in which the King could see himself, while walking alongside it. People love to see the Mirror Wall while visiting Sigiriya. Writing on the mirror wall has now been prohibited, to ensure that its beauty is preserved. 

Palace Garden
Palace Garden is one of the major tourist attractions in Sigiriya. The garden, which is situated at the top of a fort, features a number of terraces and pools that cut in rocks. Many years back, it was the domestic garden of Sigiriya. 

Sigiriya Rock
Sigiriya Rock is also popular as the 'Lion's Rock. Initially, it had the lion staircase that led to the palace garden on the peak of a fort. The staircase was made of bricks and timber that made it look very attractive. In the present time, only massive paws and the brick masonry of Sigiriya Rock are remaining.

Wildlife Sanctuary
Sigiriya Rock is surrounded by Sigiriya Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is located near Minneriya National park. Some of the highlights of the sanctuary include dry evergreen forest, shrub forests and dry deciduous forest along with several elephant groups, sambar, eagle and falcon.

Water Gardens
Water Gardens of Sigiriya is located on the western area of the city. The garden is famous for its water pavilions, courtyards, water courses, pools and containers, which attract tourists from round the world.

Terrace Garden
Terrace Garden is known for its mere structure, which consists of a series of terrace-like structure, which are situated in a concentric circle ringing the rock, steadily mounted one above the other. The Terrace Garden is carved out of a natural hill.

Boulder Garden
Boulder Garden is based on a unique concept. It is attractive due to its natural boulders and winging pathways. It attracts most of the visitors who are on a visit to Sri Lanka with their family.