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Mumbai Airport:
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Santa Cruz Domestic Airport
Sri Lanka Embassy:
Consulate of Srilanka in Mumbai G.P.O
34, Mulla & Mulla House
Fountain Area, Homi Modi Street
Opposite Central Bank of India
Mumbai G.P.O.
Mumbai -400001
Sigiriya Packages from...
Sri Lanka Packages from...
Colombo - Dambulla - Kandy - Sigiriya
5 Days / 4 Nights
Colombo - Dambulla - Kandy - Sigiriya
5 Days / 4 Nights

Rising 200 meters above the dusty plains of northern Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is one of the major attractions of the country. Sigiriya, which means the 'Lion Rock', is a fortress and palace that overlooks the luscious green jungle surroundings. The flat-topped rock formation is one of the island's most impressive geological formations as well as one of the greatest archaeological legacies. Known for its ancient paintings, Sigiriya is one of the seven World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka. Read on to know about the major attractions at Sigiriya.

Sigiriya Tourist Attractions

Water Gardens
Located half way up the Sigiriya fortress, the Water Gardens boast of beautiful and elaborate landscapes. Some of the fountains out there still work and are a pleasure to watch.

Lion Platform
The northern end of the rock ends up at a platform, from which the Sigiriya has derived its name. It is known as 'Lion Rock', with the paws and the first steps of the gigantic brick lion a wonder to watch.

The Summit
Spread over 1.6 hectares of area, one can still find the remains of the foundation of the Summit, which was once a royal palace of pleasure.

Boulder Garden
Visit this garden with your family and view the natural boulders and winding pathways with an asymmetrical concept. 

Wildlife Sanctuary
Encircling the Sigiriya rock, the Wildlife Sanctuary has different animals, like sambars, eagles, elephants and falcons.

Palace Garden
Located at the top of the summit, the Palace Garden has lots of terraces and pools cut in rocks.

Terrace Garden
Created at the base of the Sigiriya rock, from the natural hills, the garden connects the pathway of the Boulder Garden to the staircases on the rock.

The Mirror Wall
Located at the pathway to the Lion Rock, the Mirror Wall is 3 meters high and coated with a mirror-smooth glaze. The mirror is so polished that one can see his impression in it.