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Krabi is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Thailand. Situated on the west coast of southern Thailand, the small town is dotted with myriad tourist attractions such as Limestone Mountains, beaches, resorts, museums, etc. The island province offers the tourists all types of accommodations - from luxury resorts to economical hotels. Its excursions are also frequently visited by travelers of Thailand. The country's oldest history of persistent settlement is recorded in Krabi. Go through the following lines to explore information on the major tourist attractions of Krabi.

Tourist Attractions in Krabi

Ko Lanta National Park
Established in 1990, Mu Ko Lanta National Park is spread over 134 square km of land. The park is beautifully landscaped amidst mountains, deep slopes and lush greenery all around. Beach areas and fertile plains add to the beauty of the park, which is a home to wide variety of wild animals and birds.

Wat Them Seua (Tiger Cave Temple)
Wat Them Seua is called Tiger Cave Temple, because according to the legends, a tiger lived there once upon a time. The temple is dedicated to Kuan Im, the Chinese fertility goddess. It is surrounded by picturesque beauty of the tropical forest where it is set, which is just 10 km away from Krabi town.

Ao Nang Beach
Ao Nang Beach is very popular in Krabi, because it is its primary resort area. Ao Nang is a long stretch of beach. Karst cliffs serve as the backdrop for one half of the beach, while the other portion is packed with resorts and shops selling tourist amenities.

Ban Si Raya
Ban Si Raya is one of the beautiful tourist attractions of Krabi. The picturesque beauty of the place is contributed by coconut and palm trees. It provides very reasonable accommodation facilities for the tourists, which makes it one of the most economical destinations in the entire Thailand.

Hong Islands
Exploring Hong Islands, which is famous for its pristine beauty and rich flora and fauna, can be a very memorable experience. It is the best place to spend quality time with your family, away from the chaos and drudgery of city life. The island is popular for its sandy beach and coral deposits found in its sparkling water.

Wat Khlong Thorn Museum 
Trip to Krabi is considered incomplete without exploring Wat Khlong Thorn Museum. Popularly known as the 'Temple Museum', the place is a reservoir of valuable collection that date back to thousands of years. The museum is located in the Klong Tom district of Krabi.
Ko Phi Phi
Ko Phi Phi is a wonderful excursion of Krabi, located about 40 km away from the city. It encompasses six small and large isles, featuring limestone cliff and rocks. The isles are beautified by stunning beaches and coral reefs.

Railay Beach
Railay Beach comprises of three beautiful sandy beach, each known for unique beauty. Since the beach can be accessed only via long-tail boats, it gives the feeling of a lonely island. With no hustle and bustle of a typical tropical beach, Railay serves as the favorite destination of honeymoon couples.

Than Bokkharani National Park
The Than Bokkharani National Park is widely popular in Krabi for its spectacular waterfalls and diverse flora. The park is located between Krabi and Phang Nga in Ao Luk.